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16 Oct 2012

TEKOM First Level Certificate

Indian technical writers receive first international tekom certificates


Technical writers from PackSys Global in Mumbai have done it! After undergoing intense training and completing a challenging examination, they were the first to receive the new international tekom "first level" certificate for technical writers.


The certification examination was conducted on February 22nd as part of the second tcworld India conference in Bangalore. Dr. Martin Böcker, the chairman of the tekom committee for international certification, who was also the examiner for the certification on this day, set the scales high: The examinees were expected to solve two practical exercises related to technical communication within a specified time limit. In addition, they also had to undergo an intense oral examination.


Prior to their final exams, the participants took part in a tekom pilot project, which involved eight months of online training. This course covered more than 23 weeks of theoretical and practical training and a total of nine qualification modules, which included eight modules developed by tekom for technical writers.

TEKOM First Level Certified Writers