Rely on our wide range of services for implementing and maintaining web platforms for online documentation.


Our team of engineers offers a wide range of web based services to add value to machine documentation. Machine manufacturers globally recognise online documentation services as an essential element for customer interaction.


Setting up and operating of such services absorb considerably after sales, engineering and marketing resources.

You can rely on us as partner for implementing, maintaining and managing your web based services and platforms.


Our team of experts can act an as extended workbench for your e-Service team or handle your e-portal project on a turnkey basis. We use best in class working tools and data formats following current web standards. Your investments in platform and information are thus secured.


The e-Portal is a web-based platform designed to give access to machine relevant information anywhere and anytime during the entire life cycle of a product.


The key features of our e-portal solution are:


  • The ability of machine operators to access updated information and become more efficient through the implementation of real-time lifecycle management
  • Easy and quick identification of parts, components and other machine related information
  • Modern and trendy tool - high acceptance at all levels
  • Protection of intellectual property is achieved by selective customer specific display of information
  • Drastic reduction of risk of divulgence of information by traceable access control
  • Unique and sustainable solution for managing of the data in portal. The e-Portal reflects the upgrades or changes made on the machine from delivery to disposal of the machine. This makes after-sales perform better and explore additional opportunities
  • Option to implement logistic processes and inventory information

Parts Catalogue and Exploded Views

The parts catalogue is an interactive application to visualise the structure of the machine through all levels.


The key features of our online parts catalogue solution are:


  • Ease of creation of 3D visualization in generic format
  • Reduction in lead time for creation of compliant machine documentation
  • Generation and maintenance of complete parts catalogues at a few click from machine database
  • Ability to create once and publish in different online and offline formats