Engineering Services

Offering a wide range of services for creation, handling and managing of design data


We are experts in providing engineering service globally for over a decade. We operate/work incompliance with the European machine directive and other relevant standards.


We use state-of-art tools, technology and stringent quality assurance processes to deliver quality engineering services at an outstanding performance to cost ratio.

Our team of experts can act as an extended workbench for your engineering team or handle your development projects on a turnkey basis.


We use best in class working tools and data formats following current standards.


Your investments in your data and information are thus secured.

Native Data Creation

Machinery manufacturers are forced to manage a large volume of legacy data for legal and marketing reasons. It is a time consuming and expensive assignment to convert this data into current standards, enabling the manufacturer to benefit from the efficiency of the latest generation of CAD/CAM tools. We are your partner for lean solutions in the area of native data creation, including

*Conversion and generation of 2D/3D CAD data
*Correction of information lags on drawings and part lists
*Update and creation of database (ERP, PLM)


Value Engineering

Our experience in every aspect of product design and engineering across multiple domains enables us to support you in design from concept to delivery to your client, including

*Design optimisation
*Simplification of parts and assemblies
*Manufacturing oriented 3D modeling
*Modular design
*Design automation

Localization of Product

Local markets require localised products. In engineering terms it means adaptation of your products top down to single parts.

Our knowledge of and access to local supply chains, namely in Asia, enable us to customise your products for the target market.


Detail Engineering

High quality detail drawings are essential for ease in manufacturing, assembly, repeatability and after sales support. Our team of experts offer detail engineering services, including

*Product engineering
*Optimisation of CAD data
*Manufacturing drawings
*Machine and plant layouts

Parts Library Management

Reduction of inventory and shortening of lead time are on the agenda of every machine building company. This can be materialised by standardisation, limiting the variety of parts and reuse from libraries. We offer you smart solutions for creation and maintenance of your libraries

*Analysis of existing data structures and consulting
*Creation, consolidation and management of existing libraries
*Implementation of libraries compliant to company and industry standards